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5 Reasons to Book Toni for Your Event



Passionate, Authentic and Inspirational

You can see Toni light up when she talks about Future of Work, because of her passion for people and desire to help leaders make a lasting transformation. She's committed to lead by example and creates excitement with every interaction to fore forward with purpose and resilience.

Preparation and Data-Driven Content

The dedication and tremendous amount of work leading up to an event helps Toni identify unique points of differentiation for each client. Using quantifiable data from study's, surveys, analytics, interviews and external industry data, helps Toni and her team curate a unique and dynamic experience for you, your leadership team and audience.



Real-World Experience and Story Telling

Toni advises, coaches and consults with executives and leaders in companies across multiple industries. Toni is able to share her real-world challenges that come from being "in the trenches". Whether it's best practices or thoughtful anecdotes, leaders can identify and see the practical application that will guide the changes that are possible for them and their organization.

Practical and Actionable Takeaways

The point of any of Toni's sessions is transformational leadership. She does everything to ensure audiences leave with strategies, steps or tactics they can take to start making changes in their lives and their business. People may come for inspiration and information, but they leave transformed because they get engaged and know exactly what to do next! 


Engaging and Contagious Enthusiasm

When she walks into a room you can feel Toni's energy immediately. Whether its a bright shining beacon of hope, captivating connections, or just passionate interactions with people and your audience; you can feel the energy in the room every time. Toni helps audiences engage on a level of creating a dynamic human experience (Hx) that allows people to lower their guard and be open to thinking different, feeling different and a willingness to do things in a different way.

"Her message is powerful, and she made it so easy for us to have her speak. Prepared and everything ready to go."

People loved the talk Toni gave. She was one of the best keynote speakers we've ever had!

-Event Chair



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