Meet Toni

Toni Navy is a Future of Work Expert, helping companies lead a global, multi-generational
and hybrid workforce
. Today, people are working in multiple locations, across time zones, beyond borders and with multiple cultures and generations around the world.

What is most amazing about Toni, is that she not only delivers cutting-edge solutions and
practical takeaways anyone can implement; she shows leaders how they can inspire and engage their teams to work with purpose and passion; no matter how or where the work is
getting done.

Toni has real-world business experience where she’s established startup companies and led teams inside major corporations, so she has the ability to help participants inspire and overcome the roadblocks to leading high-performing teams.

With over 25 years of experience in roles such as VP of Operations, Director of HR,
Management and Consultant opportunities; she has worked at large companies like HP, Apple, Western Digital, Hitachi, IBM, and Kaiser, as well as small companies. She has delivered speaking engagements to over 15,000 leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs throughout her career and has become a highly respected business and community leader.