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Toni Navy, Hybrid-Workforce Strategic Consultant

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Not only will you walk out inspired to take action in your company as leaders, but you taught us that we are more resilient than we think. You empowered us to use our gifts we already have and make a few shifts that will create transformational change throughout the business.

-Roderick Jefferson, CEO | Sales Enablement




Competitive edge to attract, hire and onboard top talent across generations in the age of AI.

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Interviewing game plan that results in quality hires, increased productivity and profitability.


Future focused strategies to align company vision, goals, and performance that drive results.



Best practices, strategies and the framework for successfully empowering hybrid teams.



Successfully lead across time zones, generations, cultures and in a hybrid workforce.


Create the experience where employees feel so engaged and valued that they want to stay.


In today's workforce, having talent that spans across multiple generations is a superpower. From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, each generation brings unique skills, perspectives and experiences. This workshop equips you with strategies to attract, assess and retain talent across generations.

Your leaders and teams will learn:

  • The five steps in the Multi-Generational Hiring Blueprint that will help you make better hiring decisions right away.
  • Understand the generations, including myths and shared values.
  • The elements of inclusive job descriptions and job postings that resonate with all age groups.
  • Inclusive hiring strategies that help managers identify the hard, soft and transferable skills.
  • Onboarding process and tactics that create a human experience that excites and engages new hires.
  • How to induct new members onto a multifaceted team.

2 Hr | 1/2 Day | Full Day | In-Person |Virtual

Attendees will experience an immediate shift in their ability to:

  • Bridge generational gaps as they hire and lead their teams.
  • Identify the key skills and abilities that would be of value add to a position and the team.
  • More effectively identify and communicate the role and skillsets for a specific position.
  • Streamline their hiring process to make it more efficient to recruit and hire candidates.
  • Deliver a top notch candidate experience.
  • Leverage an onboarding experience that motivates and engages new hires onto the team and within the organization.

1/2 Day | Full Day | In-Person |Virtual

Attendees will leave this workshop with:

  • * Interviewing playbook that outlines the structure, process, methods and techniques for successful interviewing.
  • * Ability to create powerful interview questions.
  • * How to avoid making bad hiring decisions or hiring poor performers.
  • * Best predictors of future performance in our new workforce.
  • * Elements to assess and rate a candidate experience and ability beyond a gut feeling.
  • * Insights and best practices for hiring in a multi-dimensional work world.


In today's global marketplace, businesses are facing significant challenges in attracting talent and effectively interviewing to hire quality candidates. Companies are already facing a tight labor market and when you add recruiters and hiring managers that lack effective interviewing skills, it results in poor hiring decisions that can be costly to any company.

In this session, Toni delivers the elements of a great interview process, how to effectively conduct interview and different interview methods you can leverage depending on your business needs.

Hiring Managers will Learn:

  • * Essential attributes and how to identify high-performance.
  • * Leading strategies for interviewing across generations, cultures, time zones and remote positions with limited in-person interaction.
  • * Use of effective interviewing questions and proven methods ate various stages of the process.
  • * Interviewing techniques that minimize bias and allow candidates to showcase their skills.
  • * Leading pre-screening and assessment strategies.
  • * To craft interview questions that assess skills, performance and company fit.
  • * To conduct a structured interview and debrief to select a quality candidate.

Leading trends, insights and strategies to empower and manage employee performance

The way we work is evolving every day and with a multi-generational, multi-cultural and hybrid workforce; leaders are tasked with adopting innovative ways to manage and evaluate performance. In this session, Toni shares a leading framework to evaluate employee performance in a way that sets your team up for success. She shares strategies to simplify the process, empower employee involvement and insights on sharing feedback. Each of these elements help to manage top and poor performers and how to acknowledge and reward exceptional performance.

Your leaders will learn:

  • A new simplified paradigm of the performance management (PM) process.
  • How to establish employee goals that align with company and team goals and objectives.
  • Elements of successfully managing employee performance.
  • Creating a high-performance culture and correcting performance issues.
  • Delivering ongoing feedback and conducting the review.

2 Hr | 1/2 Day | Full Day | In-Person |Virtual

Gain strategies to immediately implement that result in:

  • Greater alignment between performance and company goals and purpose.
  • Increased productivity, employee engagement and improved retention rate.
  • Helping managers translate actionable insights into employee driven results.
  • Improved two-way communication between managers and employees and cross-functionally.
  • How to leverage AI to simplify assessing employee performance.

90-120 Min | In-Person |Virtual

Hybrid Workforce Session Outcomes:

  • Increase productivity and employee engagement in office and remote staff.
  • Redefine how teams effectively communicate, collaborate and connect in a way that builds trust and increases productivity.
  • Attract, motivate and retain top talent.
  • Significantly reduce labor time.
  • Identify AI tools leaders and employees can use to improve productivity right away.


In today’s rapidly changing workforce, artificial intelligence emerges as a powerful catalyst in shaping the future of work. This workshop dives into the intersection of AI and the hybrid workforce; equipping leaders with actionable strategies to navigate this transformative survey. Discover insights, strategies and best practices for choosing a hybrid model, defining work schedules, hybrid office design and how AI is helping our workforce become more efficient overnight.

Your Leaders will Learn:

  • Best practices for running a successful hybrid work model.
  • 5 Types of Hybrid Work Schedules.
  • Conflict resolution strategies and opportunities.
  • How to keep everyone engaged no matter where they work.
  • Ensuring all employees feel recognized and valued for their contribution, whether in or out of the office.
  • 4 Types of office space designs that help you re-think work.
  • Hybrid performance management best practices.
  • How to deal with poor performance of employees that work a hybrid schedule.



To succeed in a global economy today, more companies are relying on a geographically dispersed workforce. Businesses are building teams with the best functional expertise from around the world; combined with deep technical and local knowledge of the most promising markets. A global workforce can even be found within a single country where a company has a workforce that works across time zones, geographies, generations and with multicultural backgrounds.

In this session, Toni helps leaders tackle some of the most challenging issues of leading a global team. She delivers actionable solutions, the framework, best practices and tools that you can implement to increase global team effectiveness and resilience as we lead our future workforce.

Your Leaders will Learn:

  • 5 Elements of global team dynamics.
  • Strategies to effectively connect, communicate and collaborate.
  • Tactics and structure to improve and mitigate multinational teamwork challenges.
  • Best practices and principles to lead by example and inspire your teams to take action.
  • Hybrid and Global policy examples that you can customize to reflect your team and organization's needs.

90-120 Min | In-Person |Virtual

Attendees will experience an immediate shift in their ability to:

  • Define a new way to connect your team that inspires and empowers them to work together.
  • Implement effective team structures to increase engagement and productivity.
  • Help your team breakdown barriers of trust and build effective working relationships from anywhere around the world.
  • Put tools and standards in place to improve productivity and accountability for result.

5 Reasons to Book Toni for Your Event


Passionate, Authentic and Inspirational

You can see Toni light up when she talks about Future of Work, because of her passion for people and desire to help leaders make a lasting transformation. She's committed to lead by example and creates excitement with every interaction to fore forward with purpose and resilience.


Preparation and Data-Driven Content

The dedication and tremendous amount of work leading up to an event helps Toni identify unique points of differentiation for each client. Using quantifiable data from study's, surveys, analytics, interviews and external industry data, helps Toni and her team curate a unique and dynamic experience for you, your leadership team and audience.


Real-World Experience and Story Telling

Toni advises, coaches and consults with executives and leaders in companies across multiple industries. She has also taken part in taskforces moving people through merger and acquisitions, established operations for multiple companies and lead her own teams. Toni is able to share her real-world challenges that come from being "in the trenches". Whether it's best practices or thoughtful anecdotes, leaders can identify and see the practical application that will guide the changes that are possible for them and their organization.


Practical and Actionable Takeaways

The point of any of Toni's sessions is transformational leadership. She does everything to ensure audiences leave with strategies, steps or tactics they can take to start making changes in their lives and their business. People may come for inspiration and information, but they leave transformed because they get engaged and know exactly what to do next! 


Engaging and Contagious Enthusiasm

When she walks into a room you can feel Toni's energy immediately. Whether its a bright shining beacon of hope, captivating connections, or just passionate interactions with people and your audience; you can feel the energy in the room every time. Toni helps audiences engage on a level of creating a dynamic human experience (Hx) that allows people to lower their guard and be open to thinking different, feeling different and a willingness to do things in a different way.

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