7 Strategies to Convert Connections Into Sales

As we say in Small Business Football Marketing, it takes 100 yards to get up the football field to market and make touchdowns in your business.  

Each of us has to establish that know, like, respect and trust relationship for people to want to buy from you.  

And a few of the easiest and fastest ways to build trusted relationships that turn into sales would be to attend networking events or through referrals.

But you still have to follow through, connect and convert that potential contact or prospect into a buying client or referral opportunity.  

With our minimal resources, as entrepreneurs, we have the powerful opportunity to leverage tools or systems to maintain a connection and build credible relationships that can ultimate turn into BIG BUCKS!

7 Strategies you can implement right away to turn your potential connections into buying customers

  • Stop viewing that “stack of business cards” as mere cards; they are actually PEOPLE! The people you meet are all potential opportunities to help change someone’s life in an area of your gifts and expertise. And vice versa.
  • Be intentional about the events you attend. The more targeted and consistently you go to events the more quality prospects and partners you will meet. Consider attending training events that include topics you ideal client wants to learn, rather than the typical Chamber event.  
  • Be prepared in advance with your follow up strategy. Before you walk out the door, establish a simple follow up process. Identify whether or not you will circle back with people via email, add them to your social networks or for priority prospects you might want to call them and schedule a time to connect.  
  • Schedule your connection time. Success leaves clues. Every successful salesperson that I know has a regimented time to make connection calls, follow up with potential opportunities and make follow up connection calls or contact of some form. What days of the week do you make calls or connect with leads and what block of time do you set aside to close the loop with potential prospects and partners.  
  • Give first and it will come back to you! We still connect with people and it’s all about them, what they need and why you need to purchase their products or services. We’ve all experienced this person…and how does it make you feel to be approached in this way? Don’t treat people in a way that you don’t want to be treated. Seek to help people first and the blessings will come back to you in one form or another.  
  • When you establish authentic relationships, conversions become a natural part of the process. The key is to be prepared. Do you have your sales process in place so that as you make connections and when/where appropriate, you have everything in place for someone to take action and close the deal? For example, if you book appointments, do you have an online calendar to immediately book a potential prospect. Or can someone sign up right now and make a payment using any mobile device to purchase your products and services.  
  • Follow up email sequence and social media connection: Be prepared for the next step before you even attend the event. Plan on a couple of emails that you will send to stay connected with the people you meet and or easily induct a person into one of your Social Network sites for consistent connection opportunities.

Try it for the next 30-days!

The key is to be ready to take any potential prospect through your sales process that you use to consistently close deals, so that when the opportunity presents itself (or you can create the opportunity), you are ready to convert a prospect into a sale on Any Given Business Day!

Try it consistently for 30 days and you’d be amazed at how much you can get done using maximum focus!  

Toni Navy, Business Strategy Expert

About The Author

Toni Navy is a Business Strategy Expert and #1 Best Selling Author. Toni Navy is a Business Strategy Expert and #1 Best Selling Author. She’s known for delivering high-impact training programs and consulting services to entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals to help you hire, coach and lead a profitable and high performing business.

Mrs. Navy was in corporate for over 20 years and has held management, Director and VP level positions in HR and Operations. She has also provided training and coaching to over 5,000 entrepreneurs and over 10,000 leaders and professionals throughout her career, she is a leading expert on helping entrepreneurs and small businesses with strategies to achieve success.

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