5 Strategies to Create Your Business Marketing Messsages

What You Say About Your Business Builds Your Brand and Your Business

Do you get the jitters sometimes when you’re at a networking event or connecting with someone and you have to introduce yourself or explain what you do?  

Or what about when people start asking additional questions regarding your products and services…is it a challenge for you? I sometimes feel anxiety when sharing information about my business too!  

And what I had to start doing is crafting some of the key messages about myself, my business and the clients that I serve, in order to feel more comfortable and confident.

Best Practice to Create Your Marketing Messages 

How you talk about your business, what you say when you market or present your products and services to potential clients...What you say will make all of the difference to build a know, like and respected relationship that converts into sales.

  • Create an expert title that brands or differentiates you from your colleagues in the industry.  
  • Define a simple statement that explains what you do and whom you help in a way that establishes credibility and respect.
  • Be able to identify the transformation or results people achieve from working with you or using your products and services.  
  • Use specific examples or stories that can help people easily relate to others that have been helped by what you do or offer.  
  • Use a call-to-action. Tell them how to get more from you or be clear about how someone can best help you.

So your assignment today is to look at your marketing and critical talking points to make sure that you incorporate these key points into your marketing communications and promotions.  

You might not need to touch upon all five points each time you connect or communicate. The key is to be able to answer or address these points about yourself or business so that as the occasions arise, you are ready to intelligently answer with confidence!  

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!  



Toni Navy, Business Strategy Expert

About The Author

Toni Navy is a Business Strategy Expert and #1 Best Selling Author. Toni Navy is a Business Strategy Expert and #1 Best Selling Author. She’s known for delivering high-impact training programs and consulting services to entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals to help you hire, coach and lead a profitable and high performing business.

Mrs. Navy was in corporate for over 20 years and has held management, Director and VP level positions in HR and Operations. She has also provided training and coaching to over 5,000 entrepreneurs and over 10,000 leaders and professionals throughout her career, she is a leading expert on helping entrepreneurs and small businesses with strategies to achieve success.

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