3 Strategies to Communicate and Collaborate to Inspire Your Team to Do More

Communicate, Collaborate and Inspire Your Team

Recently, I watched an MSNBC Small Business focused segment where the CEO of Edible Arrangements shared the best practice for inspiring employees. He recommends that we write down the process or exact steps you use to achieve results in your business and then use that process to train your team like crazy.  

You know I love “process”, and that’s why it’s one of the 5 P’s of Business Success. When your employees on your team know how things work or exactly what’s expected of them, it’s much easier for people to do the work.

People Perform Better With Clarity

In addition, when you train and engage with employees, you can use it as an opportunity to get feedback and perspective on what’s working and how things can be done better.  

The fact that you request input from the team and they get to share ideas that impact the work they perform, inherently it increases their commitment and makes them feel a part of the success of the company.  

Most of us know that it’s important to inspire employees, but the question is how?

3 - Strategies to Inspire Employees to Do More 

Most of us know that it’s important to inspire employees, but the question is how?  

  • Collaborate and include employees or people resources in how to improve the process of getting work done.  
  • Consistently communicating the vision and mission of the business and specifically how their work contributes to achieving the ultimate goals of the company.  
  • Train employees and measure results. The moment you show employees how things work and let them get the on-the-job experience needed to reinforce what they’ve learned…the more productive a person will become. 


In addition, when you check in with your team to see how things are going and what’s working or not – you open the door to a great opportunity to connect, engage and inspire employees for optimal performance.

3 – Another strategy is to utilize a service provider or vendor

You can find several companies that offer the service and support to complete tasks, projects or a business you need.  

For example, the 1shoppingcart vendor (an email and online payment service) will setup all of the payment pages for all of the products and services a company provides. For a couple hundred bucks, you can have their expert setup everything within about 48 hours.

So, evaluate products and services that you are already using and see if they offer consulting services. 

Some examples might include:

  • Best Buy - where you might purchase office equipment and computers. Have their Geek Squad do the installations and software upgrades for your home office or business.
  • Constant Contact - has experts that will setup your email marketing campaigns
  • An HR Training Company - Might also provide HR Consultant to setup HR policies and procedures
  • Quickbooks Software - Might refer certified Quickbook experts or accountants you can use for your business

Re-evaluate how you leverage resources within your business to increase productivity and still keep you operating costs low

No matter what options you choose to get work done in your business, be sure to think about all of the different ways you have outside of hiring a part-time or full-time employee. Doing business differently can help you increase service, support and overall profitability of your company or within the organization.

I look forward to connecting with you on the inside!  

My Best,  


Toni Navy, Business Strategy Expert

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