We help companies hire, coach and lead high-performing virtual and onsite teams in the age of COVID-19 and beyond

Leadership and Workforce Training and Development

Get the training and capability to empower, engage and lead an agile workforce.

Training and Development Core Areas of Focus
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Services

Manage, develop and lead a diverse workforce in a global marketplace.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Core Focus Areas

Working Together for YOU!

Are you looking to HR services and solutions to help you lead a high-performing hybrid workforce?



Our goal is to help you lead a productive workplace, while managing costs and lowering risks. However, our differentiator is the in-depth experience and insights we have in the core drivers of Talent Acquisition, Workforce Management, Training & Development and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion that incorporate the unique circumstances of a pandemic and hybrid work environment.

How we deliver our services is easy as 1, 2, 3

Hire us:

1 - As an Interim HR Director or HR Business Partner

HR Directors and Business Partners are tasked with managing setting up HR infrastructure, managing budgets, hiring employees and designing training programs and much more.

It's imperative that companies find the right individual to take the organization to the next level. That's where we come in, hire us when you need:

  • Temporary head of HR or senior leader to fill in while you search for a full-time position
  • Expertise to establish HR infrastructure and programs quickly
  • In-dept HR projects with strategic planning and tactical implementation

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2 - For Leadership and Workforce Training and Development

3 - To Outsource HR Services for Projects, Infrastructure and Programs

Our corporate trainings are interactive, engaging and provide learners with the tools and resources to support immediate implementation with the goal of building confidence and competence.

We can train from our core offerings, train your content or customize a training for a virtual or onsite setting.

  • Leadership Trainings - especially designed for leading through a pandemic
  • Workforce Trainings - especially designed for engagement, productivity and performance
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Trainings- for leading a diverse and inclusive workforce in a global marketplace

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We work with your company to provide HR services for short or long-term based project work or assistance. Hire us if you need:

  • Part-time, temporary or project support
  • In-depth expertise or have complex HR issues
  • Project work completed that will free up your time (handbooks, policy & procedure updates, performance management programs)

Our outsourcing services are generally delivered offsite, but include on-site meetings or engagements as needed.

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TNI is a Silicon Valley-based firm specializing in Pandemic HR Solutions for a hybrid workforce. The power for our client is when we work with you or as an extension of your team in the areas of Pandemic Workforce Management, Talent Acquisition & Onboarding, Training and Development and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion.

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